Ja Rule Launches His Own Cryptocurrency and NFT Platform

Ja Rule Launches His Own Cryptocurrency and NFT Platform

The hip-hop musician stated in an interview that he has invented his own cryptocurrency and started a new NTF platform. Many hip-hop groups are becoming increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies. Ja Rule is one of the rising numbers of artists who are aware of the present cryptocurrency frenzy. Stars such as Jay-Z have already expressed an interest in cryptos.

Ja Rule set up the “Flipkick.io” non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace with venture capitalist Robert Testagrossa and an engineer named James Cropcho. The website acts as a platform for artists and stars as well as creators to monetize their creations in a non-traditional way. The Homicide Inc. rapper auctioned a painting from the Fyre Festival worth 122,000 dollars in cryptocurrencies in March. He also signed a deal with the Ethereum-based firm Roll in June. Since then, Ja has shown a strong interest in cryptos, and his enthusiasm has grown significantly.

In a recent  interview, Ja discussed his recent cryptocurrency pursuits.  According to the source, NBA High Shot was the multi-platinum recording artist’s initial exposure to NFTs. He explained, “I started collecting High Shot NFTs and I didn’t even understand they were NFTs at the time.” He simply assumed they were similar to the newest digital sporting events cards. When asked about collaborating on Flipkick.io with Robert Testagrossa and James Cropcho, Ja said the platform was “an important notion.” “When I first got into NFTs, I saw a dope mission and the overall angle was something completely different, which I really liked,” he explained.

The idea is to use a chip to authenticate tangible pieces of art in the same way that NFTs are verified on the blockchain. It is a positive thing to be able to cryptographically validate tangible artwork and allow these incredible artists to reap the benefits of their labors, a feat that was previously impossible. So, in terms of the corporeal NFT house, Ja Rule actually praises Flipkick.

In addition, Ja stated in the interview that Ethereum and Bitcoin are his favorites. He even went on to say that electronic forex is the “obvious” next stage in economics. “I keep a small amount of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, and Solana,” Ja explained. “I actually have my own cryptocurrency, which is a social token that I have with the ICONN organization. I haven’t announced it or anything, but I expect this to be my coming out party. I have my own forex; I haven’t released it yet, but it’s unquestionably ready to go.”

People are now interested to see how many more Hollywood stars would join the crypto craze now that this news has hit the news channels.

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