Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Sports Betting at Online Sportsbook

Bitcoin Sports Betting at Online Sportsbook

Introduction   Betting is one of the most popular sources of entertainment in the United States of America, and it is also quite popular outside the US. In the last few years, bitcoin has been involved in sports betting in the form of a payment option, and that is the primary…

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Cyberbit Reveals, International Airport in Europe Affected by Active Malware

Cyberbit Reveals, International Airport in Europe Affected by Active Malware

In a shocking revelation, Cyberbit said that its computer security software had spotted a major infection related to cryptocurrency mining software. The infection is spotted at an undisclosed leading international airport based in Europe. A larger number of the airport’s workstations have been affected by active malware. The company has…

Investment Analysis

Buying Bitcoin is a fun means to explore new investments. Bitcoin is a relatively new digital currency that can be easily transferred to anybody without any limits and low fees. Though the worth of Bitcoin, the first and most famous cryptocurrency in the world, has risen from its lows recently, it is trading below its 2017 high. Below is how you can invest in Bitcoin:

Decide where to purchase Bitcoin: The cryptocurrency exchanges and some traditional brokers can help you invest in Bitcoin.

Decide where to store the Bitcoin: Choose whether you’ll store the Bitcoin in a cold wallet or a hot wallet?

Make a purchase: Find out the amount you wish to invest in Bitcoin.

Manage the investment: Make a long-term plan for the asset.

Risk Factors

Investing money in Bitcoin is a risky undertaking. No guarantee of break-even investments or minimum profitability is there. Investors should know what this cryptocurrency is all about and should have an obvious plan of action too. New investors must invest those amounts, only that they can lose. With low liquidity, the Bitcoin market has high volatility. This makes the Bitcoin market quite irrational. Trading in an irrational market can be dangerous since they can shift against you for difficult to expect and understand reasons.