How to Sign Up and Start Trading on WazirX?

Start Trading on WazirX


Early this March, the Supreme Court of India sanctioned the exchange of cryptocurrencies in the country. Today, thousands of investors are entering the crypto space to make the best of the rising prices of crypto assets. What’s more, crypto trading and investment activity have increased by 400% amidst the pandemic, and this newfound enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies has led to the emergence of newer trading platforms. One of the most well-known crypto trading platforms in India is WazirX. Our WazirX Reviews, one of many that are posted on several forums, reveals the potential and profitability of the WazirX platform.

How to Sign Up on WazirX?

It is quite easy to register with WazirX. Follow the steps below to sign up with the platform:

  • Visit the WazirX website or download the app.
  • Click on the Sign-Up button.
  • Enter your email address and password for registration.
  • Read the terms and conditions before agreeing to the same by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Your registration with WazirX is now complete.

How to Start Trading on WazirX?

One can start trading on the Wazir platform immediately after registration, followed by account verification. Deposit an amount after the KYC verification process to start trading with cryptocurrencies. Click on the Start Trading button to commence trading and investment operation in the crypto market. Claim the welcome bonus of up to $100 right after registration to start trading at WazirX.

Verifying Your WazirX Account (KYC)

KYC verification of the account is the most important step of registration as it strictly secures the account against unauthorized third-party access. For the KYC verification, enter the name, address, and date of birth as given in ID proof documents. Upload the documents for the confirmation of entries made in the form. Complete the KYC verification step to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies for trading and investment on a P2P basis.

What’s the Future of WRX?

In the future, WazirX is predicted by many analysts to be one of the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in India. Last year, WazirX introduced its educational project to spread awareness of cryptocurrency trading. A positive outlook for WazirX, along with the rising WRX price, indicates that the WRX token could be a lucrative portfolio addition for the future.

The Takeaway

WazirX is safe and convenient, and therefore, one of the best platforms for cryptocurrency trading and investment. The platform is easily accessible through different devices and different operating systems. A trader can deal with more than 70 cryptocurrencies through the platform’s implementation of STF, P2P, and Exchange mechanisms. If you are keen on starting your journey in crypto trading, then sign up with WazirX today.

Lori Gilbert

Lori Gilbert is a tech enthusiast and an early crypto investor, she has been trading BTC for years now and believes the crypto space hasn’t seen real highs yet. She is always looking at new upcoming growth in bitcoin and crypto revolution.

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