Coinbase IPO Stock: How To Buy It?

Coinbase IPO Stock

Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world based in the United States. The exchange plans to enter the public domain on April 14 with its private token COIN. This move will enable the traditional IPO process of appointing investment banks to pump up the interests and seal the business deals. The Coinbase IPO stocks shall be listed at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange to allow buyers and sellers to conduct trading and investment in the assets. According to the financial reports of July 2020, Coinbase has almost over 35 million users that include institutional firms and retail clients. If you seek to purchase Coinbase IPO shares, then read on to gain a deeper insight into the procedure.

Potential of Coinbase

With 115,000 ecosystem partners and 7000 institutions spread across a hundred countries, Coinbase has generated skyrocketing revenue of more than $3.4 billion. The potential of Coinbase not only lies in the public listing of its stocks but also in its different lines of business that include Coinbase Commerce, Coinbase Card, and USD Coin trading and investment. The revenue of Coinbase also comes from the vast amounts of fee and commission raised from the margin fee and Coinbase fee of trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to Buy Coinbase IPO Stock?

If you are already familiar with buying and selling stocks, then purchasing Coinbase IPO Stock shall be easy for you. Follow the steps below to buy Coinbase IPO stock:

Step 1: Select a Brokerage

Select a reliable and transparent brokerage platform to conduct trading and investment in shares online—register to open a brokerage account and pay the fees to access the markets. If you seek to buy and sell in Coinbase stock, sign up with a platform that offers NASDAQ access.

Step 2: Decide on the Number of Shares You Want

Maintain track of the share price on Coinbase by keeping an eye on the NASDAQ IPO calendar. Decide on the number of shares that you wish to buy based on your trading capital. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose to prevent losses.

Step 3: Select the Order Type

It is essential to be well aware of the type of order you want to place at the stock exchange forum. The amount of money to be paid for every share is determined by the order type. The most prevalent order types are Market orders and Limit orders.

Step 4: Execute the Trade

Submit your stock purchase order to the broker who will execute the trade at the exchange on your behalf. Make sure that you open a trading position within the necessary price limits for successful trading.


What Is Coinbase?

It was established by Fred Ersham and Brian Armstrong, the platform of Coinbase witnesses an unimaginable volume of trading to the tune of $456 billion to date. Coinbase is the platform of trading and investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Will Coinbase Add Cardano?

Coinbase declared its support for Cardano a few days ago. The registered users of Coinbase shall be able to buy, sell, transfer, convert, receive, and store ADA, the token of Cardano.

Is Coinbase a Safe Wallet?

Coinbase is perfectly safe for the storage of digital assets. It holds assets worth almost $35 billion or more.

How do you buy IPO stock before it goes public?

One can get in touch with an advisory firm that deals in capital raisings and pre-IPO shares for trading in IPO stock before it enters the public domain.

Is Coinbase centralized or decentralized?

Coinbase is a decentralized platform for trading and exchange in cryptocurrencies. 

The Verdict

The official date of publication of the Coinbase IPO date is yet to be announced. However, the financial world is abuzz with excitement owing to the constant update of events by Coinbase on social media. Keep an eye on the NASDAQ IPO calendar to be among the first to know about the latest announcements. The new IPO of Coinbase shall open a host of fantastic trading opportunities for retail investors across the world.

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