Bitcoin Hit and Miss at $10k During the Intraday Movement

Bitcoin (BTC) News

Bitcoin price was spotted around $10,000 at the opening hour of the day. The traders were looking forward to an amazing day like yesterday, and the coin reflected hefty improvement. Well, the same brought a selling spree in the market, and thus the price was seen dropping.

The current movement in the coin is exhibiting improvement chances, but it is not likely to take the BTC price to $10,000 again. It looks like the traders might have to wait for some more time to witness hefty growth in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

Bitcoin price was at $9,663 during the opening period of yesterday. In the next three hours, the coin was at $9,695. The upsurge took the price further to $9,941. The currency dropped to $9,861, but it again improved to $9,940. The price hovered around the same level till 9:00 UTC. The currency improved to $9,981 by a marginal hike. BTC price dropped to $9,850 by 1.36% at 12:00 UTC. The currency hovered at the same level till 21:02 UTC. The closing hour brought an upsurge in the price of Bitcoin. The price counter escalated to $9,996 and closed the day at $9,946. Today, Bitcoin began the day with a slight upsurge, and then, it dropped to $9,698 from $10,017 at 02:38 UTC. The coin hovered around $9,760, but then, it dribbled to $9,696. Further, the currency escalated to $9842 from $9720. The current price of Bitcoin is $9,822, and it is tilted towards the immediate support level at $9,742. The same might get violated in the coming hour.

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